Jie Yang Jia Xin Stationery Products Factory is a export enterprise which specialized in producing all kinds of badmintons, battledore, pingpong rackets, Basketball and playing cards,Hula Hoop etc. Our company exports and sells inside the country together. We are leading the trend in the field of stationery with a large amount of new, especial and wonderful products. And our competitive products have even gained all the customers' favor! Our company’s two brands, “佳昕” and “谢小谢”, have been appraised as “ China's Known Brand ”. Our company was appraised as “The Model Enterprise of Both High Quality And Good Credit” in 2005.

We put out the new products and make the quality product constantly for our customers in line with the enterprising spirit that “Quality First, Customers Are the Highest ”! Meanwhile, our company has confirmed that developing the characteristic development strategy of our enterprise: “Win Credit by Honesty, Developing in competitions”. Centring on this strategy, we have done accurate market analysis and confirmed our goal, then begin to perfect the management of the security system of product quality. We will consistently offer you the first-class products! Sincerely welcome all the customers to come to negotiate business with us!  


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